Muncie Under Fire

Keeper's and Immortals

I will format this from my shorthand to something that doesn’t make your eyes bleed sometime this week. In the meantime here is this week’s log.

The new player is introduced, the cop that knows Jai and has repeatedly asked him to move. He pretty much hates Jai.

Lulu orders invisibility potion

Jai studies the crystal orb, and sees that it is a pretty crystal orb and takes it

Floyd is watching the janitor mop

[Ninjas everywhere]

Lulu gets a phone call boop bo doo do

lol rape jokes

Mr. Lulu’s Dad-You wanted something?
Lulu-You know anything about bone skulls and Harmony, have they been around your area? Mentions about some event where
someone shot their partner, mentions Mr. Bones, mentions mother thing
Dad-there’s a lot of things that can do that sort of thing like mages
Lulu-anything about changelings?
Dad-they are usually pretty cool
Lulu-changelings are being turned into drugs?
Dad-you tried it?
dad-haven’t heard of it
lulu-anything I can use against Fae
dad-cold iron, where are you?
lulu- Muncie
dad-there is a diary from a powerful member of our group that talks about some powerful elixer, get it
lulu-k, I’ll get it

meanwhile Scruffy is reprimanding Floyd about his window cleaning skills, he rolls and fails in his window cleaning
Scruffy perfectly cleans the window instantly

nobody knows what Noah is doing, he is asleep or something

Slegg finds Floyd’s van, it was reported stolen and looks beat up like hit by a car, he calls it in to be impounded and sets out to Floyd’s house

Noah tries to get into someone’s bedroom and finds it is triple locked

Jai and lulu head back to her apartment, they ask what Noah is doing, lulu shoots and battle ensues… not really

Jai plays with his small furry animal

lulu makes more drugs with 1 success

Slegg calls Floyd and reports his stolen van and asks him to meet up for a few questions

Floyd asks Scruffy about changelings while Jai is texting him, Jai wants to meet up, Floyd asks about locking the doors
Scruffy leaves for like 2 minutes and locks the doors. Scruffy already told him about changelings. Scruffy takes him downstairs. Scruffy gives Floyd a book about changelings. Floyd reads about basic changeling information. Floyd then goes to meet Jai.

Jai finds out that the orb is a token or more goblin fruit from Floyd. Floyd investigates it and realizes it is goblin fruit. Jai and Floyd compare notes on recent events. Jai shows off his rapier. Jai brings him up to speed on his encounter with Carrot Top and what he learned. Scruffy asks Jai to play some jazz and Jai sucks at playing and makes scruffy sad.

Jai goes to the bar with his ferret and gets some OJ and water for the ferret…

Noah tries to bro it up with Jai and his rat… they go into the bathroom together and Jai fills Noah in on everything.

April brakes some of Noah’s shit, Noah gets all shitty and Jai bitch slaps him.

Floyd goes to the police station and explains to Sleggar about what happened with his car and brings him in to his “neighborhood watch” program. Sleggar doesn’t really believe them 100% but felt compelled to not take any action against them. He then went to drive around aimlessly and process everything he was just told.

Jai realizes that April disapeared and his goblin fruit is gone as well.

Floyd and them drive madly to April’s house

Sleggar runs into the group trying to break into April’s house, we can’t get in though Kyle tries to kick the door down. Floyd leads everyone to the warehouse where the party occured. Nothing is there.

They go back to the bar and watch the surveilance videos and then realize they have a card to the Fae people and call them and realize that April is a fucking Fae that stole their shit.

Sammy freaked the fuck out. We then played a LARP about throwing paper for a scene.

Floyd questions her about stuff and found out she was a changeling and she quit because Noah is a dick

Scruffy invites Lulu downstairs, Floyd comes too.
They walk down to the empty basement and head to the special collections where Scruffy finds the special diary that Lulu is looking for. She doesn’t find too much information but does read about a special elixer that can heal any wound that requires several poison as well as the creator’s own blood. She asks Scruffy about any information but he dodges the question.

Lulu heads home… as we all wait for her to die… horribly

Lana Lang applies to Kyle’s bar she’s all half Korean and shit
Kyle hits on her and hires her

Kyle was just denied a high five… by me… suck it Kyle

Lulu leaves truth serum in Jai’s ferret’s cage

Lulu makes an elixer and tries it… rolls 2 successes then dies horribly as her insides boil and liquify though she fights it for a while… stays conscious through the whole ordeal

private gm/lulu discussion

and she is actually comatose instead of being dead, she looks 5 years younger and has no tattoos, her pulse is very faint she wakes up after 3 days and loses her ascended status

Noah asks Slegg to do a background check on his new bartender

Slegg checks out the entire group’s background, doesn’t find out too much about them. The waitress’ background seems a bit off but it is perfect. He reports to Noah about his findings.

Jai shows Lulu a mirror and she sees ghost that talk to her and shit, she has become immortal though nobody knows this. Lulu continues to see dead people like the kid from the 6th sense.

Lulu goes to Mr. Bones’ turf and is at peace from the constant ghost annoyance and senses some sort of peace. She walks to the park with Jai in tow.
She continues to encounter ghosts that look pretty gnarly. It questions why they are there and, Laney the viking guy that she talked to last time they were in Mr Bones’ turf, asks them what they are doing here and asks what happened to her. She asks for permission to hang out in Mr. Bones’ turf for peace and quiet. Laney sends her to a park where he will go get Mr. Bones.

We discover that Sleggar saw a building where the park is, when everyone else sees the park. Jai sees Laney but not as a dead corpse thing like Lulu does.

Lulu tells Jai nothing about seeing ghosts and Spirits and how she is immortal/undead.

Lulu sees more ghosts in the park and they don’t bother her or anything while she hangs out with Jai. When Mr. Bones shows up she notices helper ghosts but nobody she recognizes. They all look pretty jacked up to Lulu but Jai just sees normal dudes. Mr. Bones is twirling his cane thing and as he stops twirling it he is no longer handling it but she sees it near him as if it follows him. It is always at hand.

B-Coming up in the world I see
L-If you say so
B-You’ll see more than I ever will
L-Yea I kinda realized that, it is noisy everywhere
B-That happens, you’ll get used to it
Bones is annoyed by a ghost
B-You just have to tone it out

[random sexy times]

L-Can I stay here occassionally? It is much more quiet
B-I don’t see why not
L-Is everyone all… dead like that?

Apparently all the gnarly ghost she saw that Jai can see are actually sin eaters, she sees them how they die with their Death Marks

B-Blah blah blah death vision blah blah blah etc. quiet time
L-Sounds legit

J-So I guess you are staying here then?
L-Probably, it is way too noisy over there
J-What is noisy?
L-Nothing? (She wins the lie roll)

Jai’s sword and keytar have a blessed aura that makes Lulu’s skin crawl and all of the Sin-Eater and ghosts dislike it as well.

L-I really dislike your keytar/rapier
J-What is wrong with my items?
L-I just… don’t like it
J-You never had a problem with it before
L-It is just giving me the creeps ok! (She wins the lie roll again)
J-Whatever, I’m not leaving it at home
L-OK just don’t touch me with it or anything, I don’t like it

B-Look out for werewolves!
B-You know my responsibilities, werewolves take it upon themselves to manage that kind of shenanigans
L-o…k well thanks again, I’ll move my shit here soon

Lulu gets a text about a location, phone tree, everyone heads to the location which is a rave. It is all creepy and Lulu sees both spirits and ghosts
Lulu then threatens a ghost about the changelings, the ghost says something about THE THING DOWNSTAIRS. Lulu asks what it is, the ghost says it looks
like a vulcan… kind of. Lulu asks how to get downstairs and the ghost refuses to take her there but points where to go.

Jai attempts to play the sound he heard on the keytar to people (rolls a FAILURE then retries and rolls 2 successes) The thing he is talking to sends
Jai downstairs

Floyd buys Fairy Dust while Slegg and Noah and all go to the stairs and then Lulu apparently rolls a 3 to phase through the floor…

We enter an office that is illuminated by only blacklights to see a man dressed in what appears to be a burlap suit, he has yellow eyes that nearly glow, his hair is shock white, its skin is perfectly normal toned as if the black light does not affect his skin. He speaks in a musical tone. There are rolled parchments around the office as well as a quill. It is quite androgynous its gender undefinable as if shifting back and forth.

Slegg-So what are you?
Thing-A wish granter
[everyone rolls to see if it is lying]
Slegg-sweet tits
Jai-what type of wishes
Slegg-What should we call you?
Jai plays the sound
J-I think that is its name
Thing-that is beautiful, you should play with me… forever

(The note taker realizes finally that this thing is the keeper)

[The group stands around it silently]

F-So why are you grinding up changelings?
K-I don’t GRIND them up exactly
J-What do you do and why?
K-To share the blessings of the chosen
F-Why aren’t you in Arcadia?
K-Why aren’t you wearing a dress?
F-What exactly do you do?
K-Nonya… would you like some Fairy Dust
J-With this talent, don’t you piss people off?
K-I make them jealous… yes
J-What did you do to make them jealous?
K-What did you do to Betsy? Why didn’t you protect her?
J-I was young and foolish, how do you know of this?
K to F-So sad about your brother, a shame really
F-Yea it is unfortunate
K-So unfortunate about this officer as well he is such a failure
N-Said something dumb that I missed
K-You know that people only stay with you because of your money, your wife’s blood money
J-Do you have any musical requests?

[We then spent a half hour watching Lulu and Jai write up a contract… which it didn’t go for]

J-I have a proposition
K-You will play for me for eternity?

S-so you grant wishes right?
K-[doesn’t answer]


J-I got a deal for you
K-Hmmmm, [reads deal]

Lulu fucking explodes and the Keeper disapears, swearing to be gone for 500 years.

Slegg and Noah freak the fuck out because they haven’t heard about the contract and Lulu just exploded. The RP just kind of died off while people looked things up. Jai threatened the officer not to tell the police because there is nothing they can say to explain the situation. Floyd sneaks out with the body parts while Slegg and Jai argue about why Jai is collecting fucking body parts. Slegg examines the room to see that the scrolls and quills and black lights are gone. Jai and Floyd go to their respective homes as Slegg and Noah go to the bar and get trashed.

3 days Later

Lulu wakes the fuck up, makes some french toast [GM note: 4 successes. Almost Exceptional french toast. And since she has a free dot of Occult, they’re a little spooky]



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