Muncie Under Fire

Notes From an Outsider

Lulu is talking to some people about the fae or something about Mister Bones.
black shirt dude Floyd was eating breakfast.
Noah wanted no part of anything.
Missed what Jai was doing

Noah buys a laptop from gateway.

(then everyone ate pizza for a while)

Noah and Lulu talked about raiding fae rave

(then everyone looked up kevlar)

discovered that fae can slip in and out of places

(kyle talked about some derpy gun… with silver)

Floyd eats brunch and researches something, eidetic memory, he remembers bumping into (I’m not sure because kyle interrupted gm)
Something about a mark on the fae hand that Floyd has seen before.

Noah calls Floyd
Noah-shit happened
Floyd-o rly?
Noah-yea there were pics
Floyd-oh balls there was something about fae
Noah-yea, fae rave

something about cigarettes

person who broke into Floyd’s house has same mark as Lulu and Jai?
random shit about shower

(you guys talked about porn)

something about European fae trying to make money
fae stealing is out of the ordinary

they just tried to steal valuable things
Floyd is looking into it

slamming phone down

Jai and Lulu are going to Mr. Bones’ turf

people said the word fae a lot

who gave who the information?

some dude has a beard

they talk to him

bald dude-sup
lulu-did you hear about fae raves?
bald dude-mehbeh
lulu-shows pics
bald dude-dunno don’t care

trip was useless

Jai and Lulu go back to rave warehouse
they go inside
place is empty
Lulu investigates—-2 success
finds random footprints

Meanwhile Floyd scours the archives? about massive break-ins

(I ate pizza and came back to discussion of Floyd derping around a library)

(gm facepalms)

(players can’t find out what to do next currently)

(gm says something about encounter)
(awwwwwwwwwwwww shit things are happening)
Lulu hears chimes and is enveloped by a shadow before passing out
Jai hears leaves and naturey things then passes out
they are turned into lawn chairs

Floyd checks out the library
goes towards someone’s office
the hallway of no doors attacks
and it is a janitor… mopping
Floyd had talked to him on the phone earlier

(gm tells kyle to shut up)

Floyd asks about a book being stolen
and apparently the janitor hates mages… that steal important books
janitor can identify mages
really hates mages
tells Floyd that a mage stole THE book
janitor was a smoking infant

he knows about the fae and tells Floyd how strange they are
Floyd almost begging the janitor for information relevant to quest, asks for a book about fae janitor brings up calamity event and harbingers
(gm begs everyone to stop asking about harbingers)
(janitor seems legit everyone confirms)

puppet woman’s boobies?

Floyd goes back to begging janitor for hints


Noah tried to call Floyd and got hung up on… lol
hallway bowling

Lulu and Jai are pimp slapped awake
they are tied to chairs with gold ropes
(gm hint Rumpelstiltskin)

carrot top is crouching in front of them, spectacles made of shiny silver

Lulu tries to remember him from the rave——0 success
Jai tries same thing——1 success, does not remember him

J-why did you tie us up?
CT flamboyantly pulls out a silver flowing dagger threatens
CT-shut up
L and J bicker

(gm facepalms again)

CT-where the fuck is it?
CT-keeper in town that kidnaps people
Jai-dude what?

(gm facepalms)

CT stabs Jai’s thigh for 5 lethal (GM’s note, I did roll, like 8 or more successes but killing Jai would have been really awkward this early)

CT-that dude is a dick
Lulu-what is a keeper?
CT-this hardcore badass that kidnaps people and fucks with them for millennia and apparently changelings replace the people they steal
Lulu-dude what?
CT-his agents kidnapped my peeps
Lulu-dude, what?

(kyle interrupts errything…)

Lulu-dude, what?

they hear another person in the room, it is a humanoid shadow
nevermind, he’s just black… like really black… wearing a bright white suit
bg=black guy

BG- Ember Carrot Top, back up and give ’em a second

Carrot Top=Ember… but I’m still calling him Carrot Top

Lulu-how many people are missing
CT-more than a dozen of our kind, changelings
Lulu-need more information
Jai-trollface.jpg again

Lulu kicks at Jai——1 success, 1 bashing damage, lol

Lulu-stfu ps, anyways what can you tell us about this keeper
BG-I doubt you’d recognise her, could be a him
Lulu-so you want to know about this keeper thing from 2 random people
BG-…shut up
CT-you are the first lead we got

gm-lasers pew pew pew

Lulu-dude, what?

(gm rundown
his dudes are being kidnapped and turned into a narcotic that bestows the aspect of their kind to normal people, fairy dust)

CT-go to some party and ask for this person, let’s go

they drop a card and leave, ropes disappear, a sack appears with fruit and glass and shit
Jai eats the fruit and his healed because it is awesome goblin fruit

And that was the last hour of your game that I sat in.



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