Muncie Under Fire

Shadows on the Wall

Where we meet our heroes

We start the game in August, in the very beginning of the school year at Ball State University in Muncie, IN.

Professor Floyd Grimro as he prepares for a new crop of students. Organising and finalising papers for the following months. It’s almost 11pm, Thursday August 16th, 2007.

Half-way across town, Noah Grey is serving drinks to the sparse Thirsty Thursday crowd at his bar The Lucky Rabbit, a pub specialising in horse racing and games of chance enthusiasts, located in The Village, a commercial district right off campus.

Also in attendance is Laura “Lulu” Isles, an “alternative pharmaceutical specialist” looking for her next sale.

On campus, in front of the Bracken Library, stands Jai Umbra as he busks for some passer-bys late in the evening, though the crowd is pretty sparse.

Jai is the first to feel, more than hear, the first low notes ripple through the night at the start of the hour. Soon, the other three will hear the same tone.

At home, Floyd is the first to notice the Shadow moving sinuously on the wall with no origin. Neither light nor object would cause the shadow on his wall.

The other 3 are quick to notice in their respective locales an almost infestation of Shadows dancing on the walls and surfaces around them.

Lulu approaches one of the Shadows, curious. The Shadow, in response, notices her.

Jai, emboldened, attempts to play a melody on his keytar to see what kind of effect it may have on the Shadows. There is no effect.

At 11:15pm, 45 minutes before midnight, a tone sounds again. Jai is able to determine the tone is of a higher pitch than the previous and seems to be coming from due North; the Shafer Tower.

Blah blah. other stuff. Explosions. I’ll fill the rest of this out when I’m not past my bedtime.



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