Muncie Under Fire

Werewolves and Vampires and Slashers, Oh My!

So after making spooky french toast Lulu heads back to her home or wherever (I’m going with Venezuela: GM NOTE: California) the team moves on with their daily lives, some getting things going back to normal easier than others.

Professor Grimrow makes a few stops to hang out with his favorite librarian as well as meeting a man who fixes books,(Joseph Malcom) (who knows Atlantian?) Also he introduces the group to the blog of a new transfer student name Kim Jong Il. She is a pretty cool guy that kills freedom and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Jai gets his swag on at his local hangouts playing for money and asks Noah for a motorcycle. Noah agrees as long as Jai plays at his bar a couple times a week for a few months. Noah is approached by some students setting up a speed dating event and are looking for a location to host it. Noah offers up his bar for the weekend and asks Jai to play for the event.

Officer Law had been still dealing with the spontaneous combustion of the recently met Lulu and not knowing that she got better he got a little freaked out by the events of the previous weekend. He decided to watch the group closer and do his own research on spontaneous combustion coming up with gypsy curses being the primary cause.

The weekend rolls around uneventfully and the entire gang (except the professor because he is too cool to hang out at the bar,) is at the bar watching the events of the speed date. Bar wench Lana Lang has to excuse herself early due to being sick. A new character Stabby McStabberson makes a cameo appearance in the form of following home a vampire and decapitating him in a single blow.

That night Kimmy is speaking with the professor about some werewolf activity. Professor texted Officer Law to see if he had any information, he had none.

Saturday Sleggar shows up at Professor Grimrow’s house in the morning and says hey, let’s go fuck up some werewolves. The gang assembles and listens to Kimmy’s information on werewolves, (I spaced out on a lot of this while Kyle and Autumn had a dick measuring contest in character.)

After the briefing we went out to where the werewolf activity was reported and Jai began playing a super high note on his keytaur to get a reaction from someone in the crowd with super sensitive hearing. It immediately triggers a reaction from some businessman who begins moving away. Jai decides to take Noah’s gun out in broad daylight and chase him down… Let me repeat this JAI DECIDES TO TAKE NOAH’S GUN OUT IN BROAD DAYLIGHT IN A CROWDED AREA AND CHASES A PROBABLE WEREWOLF DOWN. The alleged werewolf pulls some matrix shit and jumps into a window and warps away. Somehow no authorities see Jai and the gang gets away. (GM NOTE: People started to freak the fuck out, sirens were in the distance. I told you this, Kevin)

Later that evening everyone, except the professor… again, shows up at the bar again. Sleggar and Stabby meet each other at the speed date event and hit it off. She begins to go hang out with Sleggar but at the last minute some dude (Damien? GM NOTE: Daniel) shows up and talks her into coming with him to an afterparty. Sleggar, Noah, and Kimmy decide to go crash the party and are led to the same warehouse where Lulu exploded(GM NOTE: Smaller warehouse. Not the one where Lulu exploded). Things are going well until the party hosts decide to vampire out and almost kill everyone until SOMEONE (Name redacted) shows up out of nowhere, mercs the vampires almost single-handedly, and even arrests one saving the party. He/she threatens officer Law not to mention his presence, and the party heads off to the hospital.


Fairly sure i was not at the vamps thing.. was taking care of the bar. I’dda merced a mother fucker. XD


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