Hope Anderson

Stabby McStaberson


Undertaking: Psycho

concept: Two Broken Halves

Intelligent: 3
Wits: 2
Resolve: 1
Strength: 2
Dexterity: 3
Stamina: 3
Manipulation: 2
Presence: 5
Composure: 4

Mental Skills
Academics: 1
Computer: 1
Investigation: 2

Physical Skills
*Weaponry: 4 (scalpel)
Stealth: 3
*Larceny: 4 (Lock Picking)

Social Skills
Persuasion: 4
*Intimidation: 3

Health: 8

Willpower: 5

Morality: 2/5

Size: 5
Speed: 10
Initiative: 7
Defense: 2

  • Other Half

Disarming: When a new person is met Presence + Social Skill (Persuasion) contested by Intelligence + Subterfuge. If won then the person sees nothing wrong with the person and will make excuses, support, and maybe even lie for the person. Common Sense and Danger sense do not apply to those who fall to Disarming. Effect is lost if the person witnesses the person harming another and they cant make a case of self defense or justifiable homicide.

Deadly Distraction: Causes someone to drop their guard long enough to be incapacitated or kill them. Can not be attempted in combat or when nonslasher witnesses are about. Presense + Persuasion vs Wits + Composure. gives the psycho a chance to gaine ntry to a building (If the victim is lucky) or make a Killing Blow with whatever weapon possessed at the time. Inflicts damage equal to the relevant dice pool with no roll required. This might not kill the victim but it wounds them grieviously and more than likely places them at the psychos mercy/


Obsessive: Cant let someone go. If attempting to charm the victim and it is failed, the victim cant be let go. The victim must be broken down, hurt, scared, and finally killed. If the victim inflicts damage ont he psycho the fraility effects end and he can flee. However the psycho must make a roll of Resolve + Composure every month thereafter and if this roll is failed they must seek out the victim once more.

Thin Veneer: A trigger that sets the person off. Composure is rolled and if its failed then they lash out (Or in this characters case switching over to the other personality) Anyone who fell to Disarming may make a wits + Subterfuge roll to snap out of it. Success means Disarming no longer applies.


Murder Expert(3): A connoisseur of death. Skilled at bringing others to their end. When attempting a surprise attack, if the target doesnt dect the attack, a killing blow is made instead.

Fighting Finesse(2): Replace Dexterity for Strength when making attack rolls.

Fleet of Foot(3): +1 to speed

Quick Start: +2 to Initiative

Weaponry Monomaniac: Gains 8 again with specific weapon. If weapon is lost for unforseen circumstances then a a derangement is gained until its retrieved.


Hope Anderson seemed to grow up normally. Her home life seemed perfect. She was the youngest out of 3 kids and her father was doctor at the local hospital. Most people might think life would have gone how it usually doesn. grow up. go to college. Marry well. Start the cycle over. However that’s not what happened.Some people say the doctor found his wife cheating. Some say the stress got to him. Others say he just finally went through with his dark plans. The Doctor…its the only way she rememberhim now. Not her father. Just The Doctor. Well to continue with the story he came home one evening and went to bed. Sometime in the night he got up, grabbed a knife and stabbed his wife multiple times. She was practically mush in her chest. The doctor then went and proceeded to stab her two older brothers and somehow. Somehow she got away. she couldnt remember if she got up and had been hiding or what. But he didn’t find the little girl hiding under her bed. She didnt know how he did it. But they say that man slit his own throat. And what happened to the little girl? She finally crawled out and found her mother and all her brothers. She didn’t look for her father. She just ran out of the house, covered in all of their blood and over to the neighbor. What a sight to see it must have been. Seeing the 7 year old girl covered in blood. She wouldn’t talk. She couldn’t. She just pointed at the house, her fave devoid of emotion. Maybe that’s how he was made. That cold alter ego. that obbsessive man that worshiped the damaged girl. That took over at night and got her what she needed. what she wanted. She didn’t talk for a couple of years but when she finally did she asked about her “imaginary friend”. The one who brought her gifts. She lived with ehr aunt and uncle on her mothers side and they quickly brought that illusion to light. There was no imaginary friend. She went on like usually, gifts still appearing at night but she didn;t know how.

The other side of her would kill for her. He would bring her what she desired and he would keep her safe. She was his and only his. And one day he would be free from her mind and brought to life. he would join her as her other half in the world and they would be happy. After all this was just a curse right> they had grown up together. And all through that time he had protected her while trapped inside of her mind. No one could seperate them. And no one ever would. he had made sure of that over the years. Driving away the boys and men who wanted her.

Hope Anderson

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