Lana Lang

Perky skilled bar waitress


Striking Looks 4 dots

Effect: Your character is exceptionally attractive by
modern standards; heads turn and conversations stop when
she enters a room.
For two dots, your character gets a +1 modifier to all
Presence or Manipulation rolls when she attempts to use
her looks to entertain, persuade, distract or deceive others.
For four dots, your character’s looks are angelic; she
gets a +2 modifier.
Drawback: The more attractive your character is, the
harder it is for her to avoid notice in public. Witnesses to
any criminal acts are much more likely to remember your
character’s appearance, and easily recognize her in a lineup.
Your character is also likely to receive a great degree of
unwanted attention in social situations.


3rd generation Asian-American. Moved to Muncie about a year ago. Clean record. She does an amazing job as a waitress, replacing April O’Neal after Noah Grey finally was an ass one too many times.

Wears a beautiful, ornate gold subdued torc.

Lana Lang

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