Laura "Lulu" Isles

Immortal "Alternative Chemist"


All purified gain certain innate abilities. The most obvious and important is physical immortality. When a purified returns to life, her body is always in the peak of
health. Her body is in all ways identical in both health and appearance to the body of someone in her early 20s and does not age. Also, unless specially treated before the person’s death, all scars, tattoos, piercings and other markings vanish without a trace, as the newly purified
individual’s body is rendered perfect and eternal. Purified who wish to keep a tattoo or a scar must spend a point of Willpower and draw a special sigil upon this mark, either upon getting the tattoo or injury or when becoming purified in the first place. If the character doesn’t spend the
Willpower, the scar, tattoo or other mark vanishes upon becoming purified or within a few days of getting it.


The character’s body also actively attempts to return itself to its initial pristine state. Purified are immune to all diseases, gain a +2 bonus to resist all poisons, and heal significantly more rapidly than normal humans. They heal at a rate of one point Bashing damage every minute. They heal Lethal damage at a rate of one point every hour and Aggravated damage heals at a rate of one point every 6 hours

[GM NOTE: Original mechanic is 1 bash/5 minutes 1 lethal/4 hours and 1 agg/12 hours]

Other Abilities

Purified also gain innate abilities relating to their new existence between the mortal world and the Shadow World. All purified can automatically see and hear any spirits, ghosts or other beings in Twilight. Not only can purified see ghosts and spirits in Twilight as easily as they can see
ordinary people, they cannot choose not to see such beings. Also, because of the dual nature of their existence, any being in Twilight who sees one of the purified automatically knows that the character can see and hear them. This ability often becomes an exceptionally mixed blessing. Spirits, and even more commonly, ghosts occasionally approach purified and ask, threaten or beg for aid.

In addition to being able to see beings in Twilight, purified also automatically know the inhuman language of spirits. They can understand and speak to all spirits as easily as they can understand and speak to someone fluent in their native tongue. The only limitation on this ability is that purified who speak to spirits while occupying their physical bodies must speak aloud, if only in a whisper. This speech sounds like complicated gibberish to mortals who
overhear it, at best it sounds like the incoherent ravings of a lunatic. Purified who wish to avoid attracting attention soon learn to either only speak to spirits when no one else
is around or to do so only in a whisper.

Purified also possess a version of the Unseen Sense merit that allows them to sense the presence of any phenomena related to spirits or the Shadow Realm, as well as the active use of all unseen forces. They can sense the use of all supernatural powers, but not the presence of a vampire
or werewolf. A successful Wits + Composure roll also allows a purified character to sense the presence of any nearby loci or verges and what emotional resonances they have.


When they undergo the right of purification, these beings change their minds and their souls to be more like those of the inhabitants of the Shadow Realm, including the ability to manipulate Essence. As they gain in power and experience, the purified gain even greater power over Essence. As part of the purified template, all purified receive one dot of an ability known as Chi, which represents their connection to and power over Essence. Characters can acquire additional
dots either by spending experience points or initial Merit dots (see above). Once play begins, additional dots of Chi can only be purchased with experience points.
h4. Effects of Chi
Chi is rated from 1 to 5 dots. As a measure of the
spiritual power of the purified, it has the following
game effects.
• Chi is added to all rolls to resist all supernatural
powers. Chi is a form of supernatural advantage.
• Chi determines how much Essence (see below) the
purified can hold onto at one time and how rapidly the
character can spend it. See the Effects of Chi chart.
• Chi is a measure of the character’s power and status
in the Shadow Realm. Spirits treat characters with
higher Chi as if they were higher level spirits. Spirits
with a rank lower than the purified’s honorary level
treat the character with deference and respect as long
as they are not actively hostile to her. See the Effects
of Chi chart.

Chi/Total/per turn/Spirit rating
2 9/1 2


Because the purified have their minds and souls trans-
formed into something more like a spirit, they also gain the
ability to use Essence just like a spirit can. Using Essence
allows the character to:
• Activate any Siddhi that requires Essence.
• Activate any Spirit Numina that the character
• Spend one point of Essence to see from the mortal
world into the Shadow Realm or from the Shadow
Realm into the mortal world for one Scene.
• Spend one point of Essence to instantly heal one
point of bashing or lethal damage. This Essence also
instantly stops wounds from bleeding and the charac-
ter’s condition from deteriorating.
• Spend three points of Essence to instantly heal any
aggravated wound.
• Spend one point of Essence to heal any single wound,
of any sort, in the character’s ephemeral body.
• Give Essence to a spirit or ghost to secure its coop-
eration or to pay for some service.
• Spending an amount of Essence equal to the
character’s Size allows the character to completely
reconstitute her body from ashes or fragments of bone
and rot.
• Spending five points of Essence allows the character
to reanimate her dead body.

Tread Lightly (•)
As the first step on learning to interact physically with the Twilight realm, the character learns to transfer a portion of her weight there.
Cost: none
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Athletics + Chi
Action: Instant
The character greatly reduces her weight for the next full scene. Although this reduction in weight does not allow the character to fly or even jump further than normal, but she takes
only bashing damage from falling, regardless of the distance. In addition, she can walk or run over any surface, including water, tissue paper or thin panes of glass. She can also walk across
mud, dry sand or any other surface without leaving tracks or getting her feet even damp. She can also climb up surfaces too fragile to support her normal weight. However, she cannot run any faster or climb any better than usual.

Breaching Barriers (••)
The character learns to shift his body into Twilight for a brief instant. This allows the purified to walk through walls and similar barriers.
Cost: 1 Essence
Dice Pool: Wits + Larceny + Chi
Action: Instant
Briefly stepping into Twilight allows the character to walk through any barrier that is no thicker than one yard. He can step through a closed door, walk through a wall, or even jump from one floor down to another. When walking through a barrier, the character makes no noise and does not disturb the barrier at all. Instead, he vanishes for an instant and reappears just on the other side of the barrier. The character cannot use this power to pass through a barrier thicker than one yard. Attempts to do so automatically fail, leaving the character bumping his nose against the barrier.

Touch of Death or Life (••)
The character can either directly attack spirits and ghosts, damaging their corpus, or she can reverse this ability and heal their corpus. The character can use both facets of this Siddhi in the mortal world as well as in Twilight, the Underworld and the Shadow Realm.
Cost: 1 Essence + (optionally) 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wits + Medicine + Chi
Action: Instant
To use either ability, the character must touch the target. Usually, this means the character must enter melee combat with the spirit or ghost to harm it. When the character uses this ability to cause harm, spirits and anyone else with the ability to see into Twilight or the Shadow Realm sees the purified holding a glowing melee weapon of some sort. If the character uses this ability to heal, she appears to hold some sort of glowing rod. If the character uses ability on a spirit
or ghost who is riding or otherwise possessing someone in any fashion, it harms or heals the spirit or ghost, but has no effect on the person who is possessed.

When used as a weapon, each success does one level of lethal damage to the target’s corpus. If the character also spends a point of Willpower, this damage becomes aggravated. When used to heal, each success heals one point (of any type) of corpus damage.


Although not the most people friendly person, she does know when to take things serious. Especially when it comes to her gang.

Laura was the daughter of a member of the Ascending Ones. One of the drug dealers along the east coast for a gang known as the Pacific Raiders. Her mother was one of his customers and after she had her she seemingly vanished. Her father raised her the best he knew how and was more of a mentor than a parental figure in her life. When she was 16 she began to make deliveries and help others in the gang when they would go on hunts. This persistence and training helped her quickly become a member of the Ascending Ones. She eventually left her father to travel to where she was needed and turned out to be the Dirty Phoenix in Muncie, IN. She’s lived there about 3 years now and is impatient to prove that she can rise above her father.

Laura "Lulu" Isles

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